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PZL. 37 A bis - Los A bis

Polish twin-engined bomber
PZL. 37 A bis - Los A bis
Producer: FLY
Catalog number: fly72041
Obrázek k výrobku 2015 - PZL.37 A bis - Los A bis
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Colour schemes:

  • PZL.37 A bis Los A bis, no. 72.14, 212th Bomb Fight, Polish Air Force
  • The firstproduction PZL.37 A bis /Los A bis), earmarket for propaganda-marketing pusposes, intialy flew with the civil registration SP-BNL. Appearance of the aeroplanein June 1938, as displayed at the air show in Belgrade
  • PZL.37 A bis Los A bis, no.72.108 tesed in 1939 by the ITL (radio direction finded trials). Standart camouflage and national markings, white rudder
  • PZL.37 A bis Los A bis No.220 (ex-72.42) of Grupul Bombardament ARR, early 1942. The fuselage spots 23 dianogal bar symbols for the combat missions flawn at southern section of Eastern Front.
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PZL. 37 A bis - Los A bis

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