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Daimler Benz Project F Axis Forces

Daimler Benz Project F Axis Forces
Producer: FLY
Catalog number: fly14430
Obrázek k výrobku 2044 - Daimler Benz Project F
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Colour schemes:

  • Italian National Republican Air Force, 1st fighter Group, 1st Squadron, Major Adriano Visconti, Italy, July 11946. Camouflage of Italian Dark Olive Green (Verde Oliva Scuro 1) and Light Blue-Grey (Grigio Azzuro Chiaro 1)
  • Royal Hungarian Air Force - Lt. Col. Aladár Heppes, June 1946, Veszprém Hungary. Camouflage of RLM 75 Light Grey, RLM 81 Brown Violet and RLM 82 Green upper Surfaces and RLM 65 Light Blue undersurfaces
  • Royal Japanese Air Force, Overall Light Grey Green camouflage
  • Slovak Air Force, pilot Štefan "Pištaů Martiš, Malacky airfield, Slovakia, July 1946. Camouflage of RLM 74 Grey Green, RLM 75 Grey Violet and RLM 76 Light Blue Grey
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Daimler Benz Project F Axis Forces

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